Thursday, December 18, 2008

AGRSSR January 2009 Agenda Topics

The next AGRSSR meeting will be on Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 10a-11:30a in Room 429, Library West.

If you have suggestions for the agenda, please submit them as comments to this posting or by e-mail to Lela Lynch at


Denise Bennett said...

Could we possibly get, in advance of the Jan meeting, some usage stats for our digital collections? Usage stats would help us prioritize projects at both the departmental and library-wide levels. And we might be surprised at the results!

laurientaylor said...

The DLC does not have these yet, but the programming to read the dynamic URLs is in process and expected to be done by mid-January.

The statistics will be somewhat distorted in terms of flat numbers for future planning because UFDC loads constantly and not all collections have been online as long. Some collections will have gotten and will continue to get more traffic by virtue of being online longer (more links and news stories and other harvesters showing records and pointing people to them). Collections like the newspapers, which loaded 384,238 of the 500,000 pages since July 1, 2008, will definitely show a lower use rate by virtue of such a high percentage of brand new material. We already have stats for totals and for loaded items since July 1, 2008 by collection so once we have the stats, I’ll provide the overall item counts and item counts since July 1 to provide a full context for the materials.

I've also put in a request for all items scanned and archived not yet loaded to UFDC (so we have the items on CD but not online) and I hope to have that information to the selectors prior to the AGRSSR meeting for use in prioritization. We have many items that never loaded because of prior technical problems (in 2000 and since) so those statistics will also be needed.

laurientaylor said...

Oh, I should have noted that the programming is to properly parse the log files and those go back to 2006, so once we have the programming to read them we'll have stats from 2006-present.

Ann said...

I would like the group to discuss the new policy/procedures for fines/lost book charges. This will have a lot of impact on frontline public service staff, and as far as I know, there hasn't been a discussion other than at the chairs level.

Lela said...

Approval of December's minutes

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the group would like to see the list of shared e-packages, titles, and resources being purchased with the TIPS $? I could provide a summary of A&L's efforts to arrange agreements, pay invoices, and set up access (to date).

Betsy said...

I'd like to add a brief agenda item re. local enhancements to bib records. Betsy

laurientaylor said...

UFDC usage statistics are here and sorted by most used collections here.

Our overall usage stats, while good, are far smaller than they will be because so much of our content is recent (over a million pages since July alone) and because UFDC was forced to deny search engine robots entirely for several months in early 2008 because the search engines were behaving improperly and overly taxing the database.

Misty said...

Per Steve Carrico, topic #3 “Shared e-packages, titles & resources being purchased with TIPS Money” is being removed from the agenda for tomorrow’s AGRSSR meeting. This topic will be discussed at a future meeting.


Misty said...

Hi Misty –

Please add me to the agenda with the presentation of the redesign for the Library Home page:

Thank you - Michele
Michele J. Crump
Interim Director for Technical Services
George A. Smathers Libraries
535 Library West
PO Box 117001
Gainesville FL 32611-7001
352-392-7251 Fax