Monday, November 10, 2008

AGRSSR December 2008 Agenda Topics

The next AGRSSR meeting will be on Wednesday, December 10th, 10a-11:30a in Room 429, Library West.

If you have suggestions for the agenda, please submit them as comments to this posting or by e-mail to me and Lela Lynch at


Misty said...

Approval of November 2008 minutes.

Lela said...


I would like to put discussion of the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program -- Library Partnership Proposal on the AGRSSR Agenda for our next meeting on Wednesday, December 10th. Bess will present the issues as outlined below.


Issue: External partners, such as the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program, are and will be approaching the DLC for work related to managing, preserving and providing access to various media and materials. It may be that funding for these projects will come with the request for services, or that the request will focus on inclusion in a grant or donor proposal. As we increase our involvement in such collaborative projects, the library should consider:

Benefits to the university and to the libraries
Roles related to organizing, managing, preserving and providing access to different types of materials
Extent to which libraries’ resources will be diverted and how this impacts existing priorities
Long-term maintenance costs related to migration and available storage space

How should we treat these opportunities?

Should we use a modified survey template for external partners to use when submitting their requests for partnership?

How should these requests be evaluated?

Who should be the point person to work with the potential external partner?

What will be the lead time necessary make decisions about these opportunities?


Denise Bennett said...

Is there an update on the review of our committee structure?

As mentioned in the July minutes: "Bill Covey is currently reviewing the existing committee structure to compile a list of committees that no longer meet due to the reorganization, are continuing to meet and should be reviewed to determine if they should continue to meet. The deans/director will review this list upon its completion to determine how to move ahead with the committee structure."

Thanks. --Denise

Lela said...

Brittle Book Program Policy