Wednesday, October 14, 2009

AGRSSR November 2009 Agenda Topics

The next AGRSSR meeting will be on Tuesday, November 10, 2009, 10a-11:30a in Room 429, Library West.

If you have suggestions for the agenda, please submit them as comments to this posting or by e-mail to Lela Lynch at


Lela Lynch said...

Approval of October minutes.

Ann said...

November 11 is a holiday.

Denise Bennett said...

Science librarians are being asked by their faculty if the Libraries can pay for annual institutional memberships in Open Access organizations (BioMed Central, Public Library of Science) to reduce the author's fees needed to publish in OA journals.

Where should faculty direct their request, if not to the Libraries?

Can we please craft a policy statement for responding to our faculty?

Denise Bennett said...

Catalog (Mango) --
What is the mechanism for making changes to the UF-managed header and footer in the public catalog?

Judy Russell said...

I have requested that the Division of Sponsored Research and the Provost consider establishing a fund to be administered by the Libraries to pay open access fees when they are not covered by a grant or other funding source. I suggest that individuals inquiring about funding be asked to send an e-mail message to me and their dean, so I can document the amount and source of the demand and their deans will be supportive of my request for funding. Let's make this an agenda item for the next AGRSSR meeting.

Denise Bennett said...

Website or IR? --
We have been storing committee minutes, reports, and other documents on the website. Should any of these items be moved to the IR? For example, some of our committee reports contain data that are of interest to other libraries.