Wednesday, March 4, 2009

AGRSSR March 2009 Agenda Topics

The next AGRSSR meeting will be on Wednesday, March 11, 2009, 10a-11:30a in Room 429, Library West.

If you have suggestions for the agenda, please submit them as comments to this posting or by e-mail to Lela Lynch at


Angela said...

My unit would like me to bring up how patrons who search using the Online Journals tab do not know that they are not searching our entire catalog and that we may have that journal in print.

Related to that is that patrons who search using the Databases tab do not know they are not searching our entire catalog and we may have that journal in print or in an ejournal that is not part of one of the databases.

I’m not entirely sure how to word that on the agenda succinctly. Maybe “catalog searching: issues related to ejournals vs print journals”?

I know I brought this up at the last meeting, but my unit would like to know what AGRSSR can propose as a solution.

Denise Bennett said...

Consolidation of journal data

The journal cut process has proven challenging to selectors because we do not have our journal information available in a format to support decision-making. When print and online funding of a title are stored in different places, and when selectors do not have access to license agreements to determine whether we can safely cancel print versions while retaining online access, we selectors must ask for this data on a title-by-title basis. The process is highly inefficient, and the lack of access to full information about a title in all its versions masks significant duplication of spending. What can we do to work toward a transparent system of recording all available data about our journal titles?

Denise Bennett said...

Digital Services

In an note to librarians on 2/23, Judy requested us to direct faculty who inquire about digital services or other projects to the DLC.

What is the role of AGRSSR in recommending or prioritizing these projects?

Lela said...

February Minutes Approval

Denise Bennett said...

Canceller's Remorse

Some selectors have already identified changes they would like to make to the 5% and 10% cut lists. May we make alterations?

Judy Russell said...

Denise asked about the role of AGRSSR in recommending or prioritizing projects that may be referred to FCLA through DLC. These are not projects that require our internal resources. These are requests to have FCLA host a database or e-journal for which the Libraries are the intermediary.

We have had several recent examples of non-library faculty going directly to FCLA, without coming through the Libraries.

I don't see a roll for AGRSSR, but would be happy to hear how you think AGRSSR would add value to this process.